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Community Health Workers

Association of Missouri


What is a CHW?

Community health workers are individuals who, with or without compensation, are a liaison and provide cultural mediation between health care and social services and their communities.

CHWs are effective in their role as a community liaison because they:

  • Are trusted members of their community;
  • Have a close understanding of the ethnicity, language, socio-economic status of the community; and
  • Share life experiences of the communities they serve.

Our mission 

The Mission of the Community Health Workers Association of Missouri is to unite CHWs, CHW instructors, employers, payers, and other interested individuals for professional development and community outreach to serve the communities in which they are involved.

Our values

Our vision is put into action through:

  • Advocacy for the CHW profession which is becoming increasingly important in health care
  • Education Opportunities for both CHWs and instructors in various areas of interest
  • Professional Development workshops to enhance professionalism in the workplace
  • Community Resources to assist CHWs in their outreach and education efforts
  • Employment Resources for employment opportunities
  • Networking Opportunities for CHWs across Missouri to connect with each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

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